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Ok, so its a few days late cuz i`m lazy but.. here is my picspam from my night out for Sandra`s leaving do~

Me before we left~
And the rest are not in chronological order. XD

Liv hiding.

Sandra with her special balloon chair of love. 8D


Leigh and Sandra. HM. Leigh looks a bit pissed off cuz she couldn`t come clubbing with us cuz she had to do a run for charity the next day. LULZ.

Liv is barely 16 so she had this random chicks passport. I swear, it didn`t look a THING like her but it worked and she had no trouble getting into the clubs and bars. :DD

v^_________^v XDDD

Lovely. LOL.


I`m all; "This one likes a bit of the cock, i can tell. :D"
These were taken by my friend Liv and i stole them from her;

Steph and Lucy~ :D

Matt tucking into.. lasagne? XD

Liv, Steph and me~ I`m such a cheese. ;;

I freaked them out with my talk of Boylove. Hence my face and theirs XD;;;

Dodgy blue WKD bottle of d00m. God, i hate that stuff. IDEK why i drank it.. XD

The side of my face and Sandra. Had to add this cuz of her face. lolol. :OOOOO

.........>___________> wth.

XDD How pale am i compared to Matt?! jeez. D:

...It was a really, really good night. We didn`t get home til 4:30am. Hardcore, yo.

Caroline was a bit of a retard though, she went off with some random bloke, slept with him and then came BACK OUT to us at the club we were in. She then proceeded in swaying around drunkenly, groping unsuspecting men and got barred for life from the club D: We left a little while after and tried to find her but couldn`t... I was supposed to be staying at hers and had to go back to Sandra`s instead because Caroline was.. well.. idek where the hell she went. I was quite disappointed because she is one of my close friends, and she was NOT acting like the 35 year old she is supposed to be. :\

So in the morning i had to walk through North End(a busy-ish street with a bunch of shops, including Peacocks where i used to work) still in the clothes and horribly high heels i wore the night before. My hair was a mess, i had makeup all down my face.. ;; Just to get back to Carolines where all my clothing and tolietries were.

It was embarassing but i was still drunk so it wasn`t THAT bad.

Right. I`m gonna go now~
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