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Hey, I'm Charli. Welcome to my eljay.
If you want be added to my friends list, please leave a comment on this post.
Bear in mind the following;
》Don`t just add me without leaving a comment.
》I'm a pretty stressed,extremely busy second year TESOL/Japanese student who is technically pratically on constant HIATUS, so I'm not a regular updater. So, I'm might not be able to comment too often on your entries, but I do try and read my f-list every few days! :D

Oh! When you leave a comment it`d be great if you could tell me a bit about yourself. Nothing major, just so i know who i`m friending. ^__^b

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Once again i`m getting a bit confused and such with all the old f-list so i`ve defriended people i feel i no longer have a connection with, or i just rly don`t give a damn about. If i have cut you and you`re sore about it, i`m really sorry. More than likely i did it because we just don`t communicate anymore and it seemed pointless for us to be friends. It was good while it lasted and all that.

So.. yeah... hopefully i won`t have to do that again for awhile. <3
Thats all for now, i`ll update in a bit~
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Ok, so its a few days late cuz i`m lazy but.. here is my picspam from my night out for Sandra`s leaving do~
Koko de~! )


Mar. 10th, 2007 01:42 am
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It`s been a looong time coming i think, but now i`m really getting tired of having to read my million page long friends list..;A;

Also, there are people who never update/comment/don`t give a shit etc.

BUT! Please comment to stay! I`m not doing this to be a bitch. 8D HONEST, LOLOL

There are people who i will obviously NEVER cut, and i`m sure you know who you are so.. you can sit pretty and not worry. <3 Oh and people who i`ve added in the past month can chillax too.

I`ll do the cut sunday sometime!
I rly can`t be arsed to update properly so i`ll be annoying and post a meme you`ve all seen and done a MILLION times.

but do it anyways, you know you`re bored and shit. :D?

Anonymously post a comment with;

1. One secret about yourself
2. One compliment
3. One non-compliment
4. One love note you have thought of, or actually have written
5. Lyrics to a song
6. How old you are
7. How long we've been friends
8. And a hint to who you are

I bet i can guess. :Dv
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My internet connection was a dirty-ass BIATCH to install, but i finally did it 8D!

Hope everyone is doing gooooood~~~~ I`ll make a proper entry later, but right now i need to get my torrents and emule back working :DDDDDDDD

Sooo, whats been happening with everyone? Prz to dropping comments telling me what you've been doing since... uh OCTOBER!

Laterz! x
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I`m back from Telford, and had a faaaab time, but now it`s time for me to take a hiatus until i get the internet at my new home. ^___^

I`m not exactly sure how long it`ll take, but i doubt it`ll be longer than a month. 8D [I`m not sure what i`ll do without the net, OMG I MIGHT -LEGASP- GET A RL.]

So yeah, i`ll be over at [ profile] zero_butterfly-chan`s alot so i`ll be reading your entries still, just i`m not going to update here until i`m settled.


Take care, and i`ll see you all soooooon~!

Charli xXx


Jul. 13th, 2005 08:48 pm
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I'm afraid to ask for fear of looking lame...but..fuck it..i will...

Anyone want to write a testimonial about me for my userinfo??

Like those found on GJ?

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Mar. 2nd, 2005 04:49 pm
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Nov. 29th, 2004 12:13 pm
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